Virtually Together: Shared VR Experiences

Virtually Together: Shared VR Experiences

Design Foundations


In collaboration with Igloo Vision, this project explores the potential for ‘shared’ VR experiences which retain the collective experience of watching a moving image whilst incorporating 360-degree video.

Target Audience

Experience Seekers – millennial audiences who may not have experienced VR before but are keen to experience immersive events and content.


Live Cinema has received further funding from XR Stories – the AHRC Creative Cluster for Yorkshire – to continue developing cultural content for 360 degree screens. They are working with the University of Leeds to develop Surround Stories Lab, an artist development programme and physical full-dome space for the creation and exhibition of immersive projects to audiences. Live Cinema said that the Audience of the Future programme was essential in securing this funding as they had unique access to audience feedback and practical experience with immersive events, which all new work is now built upon. They are collaborating with fulldome spaces in Cardiff and Montreal to establish best practice and commission new artworks for international exhibition.


Lisa Brook


Content – VR, Content – 360 degree video, Tech – projections, caves, igloos







Actual sector

Moving image distribution and exhibition companies

Potential sector

Conferencing and commercial events



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