Audience of the Future has invested £39.3 million in the development of new immersive technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The Challenge has also commissioned research to better understand audiences for immersive productions in the fields of art, culture, heritage and entertainment.

The first wave of Audience of the Future Challenges opened in May 2018 and the funding streams included:

The £16m Future Demonstrators Programme: £16million funding major projects exploring the future of large-scale immersive experiences. Read more about the Demonstrators.

Design Foundations Competition: a £1million investment in 32 projects that explored human-centred design seeking to transform the way people engage with immersive content.

Production Innovation for Immersive Content Competition (PIIC): £12milliion invested in 21 projects creating faster, more efficient immersive content.

Immersive Technology Investment Accelerator: The accelerator supports early-stage businesses to help them access later-stage investment beyond grant funding.

StoryFutures Academy: a UK National Centre for Immersive Storytelling run by the National Film and Television School and Royal Holloway, University of London.


The Audience of the Future challenge has invested in a Demonstrator Programme of immersive experiences, covering four main entertainment sectors: e-sports and gaming, performance, moving image, and visitor experience. The Programme was due to finish in 2020 but due to the disruption caused by Covid-19 was extended until the end of 2021.


An AI-driven, mixed reality platform that uses live and historic data to create meaningful and personalised mixed-reality experiences for Esports fans.


Dinosaurs and Robots/Lost Origin

First-of-its-kind mixed reality group experiences exploring the future of visitor experience through a combination of storytelling and cutting-edge technology.


Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up

Combining augmented and mixed reality, The Big Fix Up, is an all-new epic adventure where users will be able to experience and interact with the story as it unfolds over time.



A new Shakespeare experience and interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that explores how audiences can experience and interact with live performance remotely.



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