Multiscale 3D scanning with framerate for TV and Immersive applications

Multiscale 3D scanning with framerate for TV and Immersive applications

Production Innovation in Immersive Content


To reduce the cost and increase quality of capturing live action performances in 3D by creating a new tool set that captures point cloud data with a framerate at multiple scales.


To tell a truly immersive story, captured real world content must be compelling, accurate and believable. It must also be spatial and digitally manipulable. In this project, ScanLAB have created a new tool set which captures and renders point cloud data with a frame rate at multiple scales.
This means that static objects can be scanned at a heightened level of detail, to be used in full-motion and animation. This will significantly increase the level of detail and visual fidelity that can be scanned and used in animation and film, stretching up to ‘city scale’ rather than simply ‘human scale’.
Having completed development, the ScanLab team are testing the software via capture of crucial, quality, multiscale datasets, and produce prototype content delivered in two formats: an offline rendered 4K film and a realtime immersive experience for HTC VIVE. Clients such as the BBC have identified this technique as a solution to make better drama reconstructions for history programs, capture live action animals and landscape changes for nature programs and visualise new storytelling methods for dramas.

Target Audience

Film and TV industries
Scientific community
Sustainability and environmentalist movements


The results of the R&D have gained significant interest from the scientific community, despite the project initially focussing on applications solely within the creative industries. Scientists studying coastal erosion, seasonal forest changes and crop growth can see these processes in detail for the first time.
As a result of the funding, the project has led to continued collaborative R&D with the British Geological Survey studying coastal erosion in Norfolk and the communication of the impacts of Climate Change. This will serve to bolster sustainability efforts at a time when clear evidence and illustration is crucial.


Matt Shaw


Content – AR, Tech – controllers, Infrastructure – 5g, Capture & scanning – performance, Capture & scanning – motion







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Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Mining and quarrying, Real estate activities, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Public administration and defence; compulsory and social security, Human health and social work activities, Arts, entertain

Potential sector

Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Mining and quarrying, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Education



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