Lost Origin

Lost Origin

Lost Origin is a unique immersive, multi-sensory and interactive adventure that fuses technology and performance, theatre and audience interaction, and physical and digital worlds. 

The experience opened to the public between 21 November and 4 December 2021, at Hoxton Docks, London and received strong reviews. In groups of six, guests weaved their way through differently-themed rooms working as undercover investigators who needed to crack a mystery set in an illegal dark web marketplace. Lost Origin featured unchartered uses of technology, for example integrating set design and code within Magic Leap so that the headset can trigger associated physical actions, such as objects dropping in time with the AR narrative, and interfaces that allow gestural control and triggering of sounds work in sync with stunning lighting to create a truly interactive and multi-sensory experience. 

The project evolved from one of the big Demonstrator projects as part of the Audience of the Future programme. This project, titled Dinosaurs and Robots saw Factory 42 working in partnership with The Science Museum Group, Natural History Museum and Sky. Two different adventure games, Dimension X: Dinosaurs and Dimension X: Robots resulted, mixed reality experiences designed to explore how museums could engage audiences beyond their buildings. The pandemic put this work on hold, and Lost Origin markers the return of the project teams to exploring the boundaries of future in-person experiences.

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Funded by UKRI as part of the Audience of the Future Programme

Lost Origin



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