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Audience of the Future Live @ SXSW 2022

As part of the official SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, the Audience of the Future Live programme showcased cutting-edge projects coming from UK creative organisations.

A programme of industry-led workshops and panels unveiled ground-breaking XR projects supported by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the UK government’s investment in the Audience of the Future and Creative Industries Clusters challenges.

Co-hosted with Arts Council England’s Future Art & CultureUNBOXED and the Department for International Trade, you can now watch the industry-led sessions below that were presented by the project teams themselves – technologists, producers, artists and actors, giving SXSW audiences an under the bonnet view of the creative and technical story behind the cutting-edge work.

On Demand

14 March 2022

FRAMERATE: On Point Clouds and New Photography

What is the future of spatial records of the earth? Created from thousands of daily 3D scans and billions of precisely measured points, FRAMERATE invites you to observe change on a spatial and temporal scale unknown to the human eye or traditional cameras. Find out more about the FRAMERATE project.

Anetta Jones, Senior Producer, ScanLAB

Matt Shaw , Director and Co-Founder, ScanLAB Projects

meriko borogove, Executive Producer, ScanLAB Projects

Will Trossell, Director and Co-Founder, ScanLAB Projects

Brighter Future: Documentary for the Metaverse

Surround Vision are bringing sustainability to the Metaverse with an innovative documentary format that merges VR filmmaking, 3D photogrammetry and animation. Brighter Future, which was showcased to World leaders at COP26 in Glasgow aims to unite and inspire a global audience. This session takes you through VR production methodology and the vision of Metaverse distribution aimed at global impact and engagement using current and future platform design. Find out more about Brighter Future.

Richard Nockles, Director, Surround Vision

‘Dream’ Makers: Immersive Performance Futures

Based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Dream was an experiment into how audiences can experience and interact with live performance remotely using the latest in motion capture. This session led by the performers reveals the technical processes and tools used to create Dream.

James Turnbull, Producer , RSC

Maggie Bain , Actor , RSC

Sarah Perry, Movement Director , RSC

INTERCHANGE: A Multi-Reality Gateway

INTERCHANGE is a next-generation Metaverse experience designed for an audience to jump through a physical portal into a virtual world. Audiences can follow favourite fictional characters into a story world and experience real-time interactions with the system using mixed reality technologies to bridge the virtual/physical divide. In this session the team will tell the story of the project and demonstrate the portal leap experience, showing how an adventure unfolds. Find out more about INTERCHANGE.

Caroline White, Business Developer , Prox & Reverie

Martin Taylor, Director and Co-Founder, Prox & Reverie

Origin Story: The Making of a ​Hybrid Experience

Lost Origin is a unique live immersive adventure fusing technology and performance. Audiences weave their way through themed rooms working as undercover investigators to crack a mystery. It is the first major integration of Magic Leap technology and mixed reality physical & digital interaction in a large scale theatrical setting. In this session the director, set designer and technologist tell the story of the production revealing the challenges and opportunities of creative cross-discipline collaboration. Read more about the story behind Lost Origin.

Alice Helps, Freelance Set Designer

Dani Parr, Creative Director, Almeida Theatre

Stephen Stewart, CTO, Factory 42

Steppenwolf: From Virtual Production to the Metaverse

This session will show how Charisma Entertainment took the multi-million dollar CGI model of The Justice League’s Steppenwolf and repurposed it into a real-time immersive experience ready for the Metaverse. Discover the techniques the team used to adapt 3D character models into game engines and learn how the latest developments in AI are changing the world of 3D design, animation, video games and storytelling itself. Read more about the Steppenwolf work.

Ben Salili-James, CTO, Charisma AI

Guy Gadney, Founder & CEO, Charisma AI

The Big Fix Up: Making an Immersive Experience

“The Big Fix Up” and “Fix Up the City” are two interactive storytelling experiences created by a consortium of Sugar Creative, Potato and Tiny Rebel Games alongside Wallace & Gromit producer, Aardman. Join the project team to take a deep dive into the origins, creation, and delivery of these unique experiences as they discuss the challenges of using emerging technologies, and the real potential of trans-media storytelling to make immersive entertainment experiences that work. Find out more about ‘The Big Fix Up’ project.

Jamie Innes, Product Director, Potato

Will Humphrey, Director & Head of Creative Innovation, Sugar Creative


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