Immersive Audience Journey Report

Immersive Audience Journey Report

A must read for immersive content creators wanting to produce enthralling immersive work and build a better understanding of current and future audiences, how to attract them, retain them, and, importantly, how to grow them.

This report is an even more essential resource in light of the Covid pandemic, especially for businesses working to pivot their operations.

As part of the Audience of the Future programme, this research report conducted by Digital Catapult supports market growth by providing detailed insight into immersive audiences. It explores the concept of ‘audiences’ when applied to immersive productions in the fields of art, culture, heritage and entertainment.

Download the full report, watch report author, Aki Jarvinen, reviewing the main insights and view the framework journey map template to develop your own immersive audience journey.

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Report Highlights

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading digital and creative talent, and the experiences produced by projects funded by the Audience of the Future programme certainly exemplify this excellence from large-scale immersive projects through to investment support and R&D into production innovation.

“By sharing the insights from this report, we aim to raise awareness of best practices within the immersive community to help creators and production studios as they pivot their models.”

Professor Andrew Chitty, UKRI Challenge Director for the Audience of the Future and Creative Industries Clusters Challenge

During roundtable events, a mapping exercise was conducted, asking participants to share their observations for each customer journey phase. Most of the input was about the immersive experiences themselves, and insights relating to creating awareness and loyalty, for example, were sparse. This finding was reinforced by similar discussions during interviews.

This illustration shows a visual approximation of the relative numbers of insights per phase. Therefore, this study provides a map of how audiences can be considered before, during, and after the production, even if resources are scarce. Increased understanding of audiences will enable immersive producers to reach audiences more effectively, create experiences that speak to audiences better, engage them more powerfully and frequently, and consequently grow their business and the market.

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Watch The Highlights Video

This video from report author Aki Jarvinen provides an overview on the main insights coming out of the research. Join Aki as he walks you through each stage of the immersive audience journey.

Immersive Journey Template

The framework for the journey map included in the report illustrates what is required from different departments or functions to engage the customer: their responsibilities for enabling multiple touchpoints to the event and services related to it.

A blank version of the journey template is available to download here as a useful tool to map out your own immersive audience journey.

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Immersive Journey Infographic

This infographic is a useful visual reference for the various stages of the immersive journey the report goes through, from Awareness through to Consideration to Decision to Immersion and on to Satisfaction & Loyalty.

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