Dinosaurs and Robots

First-of-its-kind mixed reality group experiences bring dinosaurs and robots to life

Dinosaurs and Robots, a project under the co-creative direction of The Almeida and Factory 42, combines the latest mixed reality technology from Magic Leap with immersive theatre to create two separate adventure game visitor experiences exploring multi-sensory and truly interactive worlds.

The Science Museum Group and Natural History Museum have led on the creation of Dinosaurs and Robots, an innovative Augmented Reality experience that brings the future of museum experience into homes. Through a combination of storytelling and cutting-edge technology, this allows visitors to experience environments and collections like never before and encourages families to build and play games that combine STEM skills and creativity using mobile technology.

Users will play detectives roles and meet and interact with a cast of digital characters, from androids and artificial intelligences to velociraptors and fossils. Because users will be immersed within the narrative, they will be able to react to the characters and shape their own stories.

An augmented reality detective experience featuring high-resolution 3D scans of robots and other iconic objects from its collection, will bring the latest in robotics and artificial intelligence to life. Awe-inspiring dinosaurs from the collection at the Natural History Museum will be brought to life and visitors will experience the detective work of palaeontologists and share the thrill of scientific discovery.

The project is led by Factory 42, creators of the multi-award winning interactive virtual reality experience Hold The World with Sir David Attenborough at the Natural History Museum, in conjunction with Sky.

Watch the trailers for both experiences below.


  • Factory 42
  • Almeida Theatre
  • Magic Leap
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum Group

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