Audio workflow, collaboration and rights tracking. From idea to release.

Delic is an operating system for music creators, producers and other music industry professionals that tracks individual creative contributions and I.P. without the creators needing to think about it.

Beginning in 2020 as a music project workflow management system, Delic is already one of the easiest ways to send and recieve and preview audio files online.

Delic’s simple, integrated toolset and expanding feature set will increasingly empower users to source new content, collaborate and make passive income.

Collaboration and sampling of tracks stored on the platform is fully traceable, facilitating recurring income streams for artists and other rights holders, without the complex admin currently required to secure it.

In 2021 Delic will connect its members to global creative communities, publishing and distribution facilitating timely, accurate and recurring payments to all music rights holders by third party services and increasing transparency and fairness in the music industry.

Chief Creative Officer

Ed Stack


Laptop/Desktop/Mobile phone (connected to internet)


  • John Maxwell Hobbs, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ed Stack, Chief Creative Officer
  • Ted Koterwas, Chief Technical Officer
  • The Right Project, Chief Marketing Officer




An introduction to the Delic vision (to be updated)

Delic Session 007: Why technology isn’t killing creativity.

Delic’s Chief Creative Officer Ed Stack presenting Delic at the Beyond Conference 2019


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