Martin Taylor


Martin Taylor

Prox & Reverie

Director and Co-Founder

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Martin is a multi-award-winning creative director and COO of Prox & Reverie, a multi reality company specialising in spatial narratives for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content. He has a prolific 20-year career as an award-winning filmmaker for screen, in both commercial content and documentaries; filming all across the globe. Martin has overseen production on over 130 projects; producing and writing new narrative techniques and designing new physical and virtual interactive experiences and tools. 

Martin created and directed VR film AWAKE: Episode One (2018), which showcases the fusion of Hollywood cinema with emerging VR narrative technologies and creating a unique interactive experience for audiences of any medium. Currently, it is a permanent exhibition at Disney StudioLab in LA and at StoryFutures Academy in London. He is a regular keynote speaker and panellist on the subjects of XR as an emerging medium and its potential as a tool for the mind.

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