SXSW 2020 Programme


13th March


14th March


15th March


16th March


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18th March

Friday, 13th March

SXSW PANEL: Headsets Make Us Throw Up

Does Virtual Reality really have to be exhibited in a headset? Join us to explore the immersive environments that allow 360 degree and VR content to be consumed by a collective audience.

Featuring: Monica Bolles (Resonant), Lisa Brook (Live Cinema), Kate Wellham (Live Cinema), Matt Wright (4Pi)

Supported by: Audience of the Future, Future Art & Culture


SXSW FEATURED PANEL: Changing the Immersive Storytelling Wild West

We are in the wild west of immersive storytelling. Industry experts will share their experiences from real life collaborative projects, sharing vital takeaways on the opportunities & challenges of working together.

Featuring: Sarah Ellis (Royal Shakespeare Company) , Clare Reddington (Watershed), Genevive Bell (Australian National University), Kamal Sinclair (Guild of Future)

Supported by: Audience of the Future


Saturday, 14th March

PANEL: Eyes Off The Road! Universal's Drive For In-car VR

Self-driving cars will make the ‘moving living room’ a reality. Holoride technology takes VR content and matches it with vehicle data to create Journey-based XR with new opportunities for creatives and generating revenue.

Featuring: Holly Goline (Universal Pictures), Greg Reed (Universal Pictures), Sol Rogers (REWIND), Nils Wollny (holoride)

Supported by: Department for International Trade

LAUNCH EVENT: Immersive Futures Lab and Future Art & Culture Official Launch

The official SXSW launch of IMMERSIVE FUTURES LAB, part of the Audience of the Future Live Programme supported by UK Research & Innovation and FUTURE ART & CULTURE, presented by Arts Council England and British Underground.

This exciting event features exclusive performances from tuba don, Theon Cross, immersive experiences: Swordcraft, Spaceteam VR and The Big Fix Up plus DJs until late. RSVP recommended.

Supported by: Audience of the Future, UK Research & Innovation, Arts Council England, British Underground


Sunday, 15th March

SXSW PANEL: Time Machines, Museums and the Future of the Past

Museums are using immersive technologies to offer unprecedented interactivity with important moments of history and artists are using machine learning to work with archives and collections to create future worlds.

Featuring: Laurence Chiles (National Gallery), Sarah Coward (The Forever Project), Chris Micheals (National Gallery), Tonya Nelson (Arts Council England), Michael Takeo Magruder

Supported by: Future Art & Culture, Audience of the Future


IMMERSIVE EVENT: Immersive Futures Lab Previews

Invite-only preview of the Demo Space at The Immersive Futures Lab will feature some of the early-stage immersive experiences from games to heritage, from science to theatre and beyond in a specially curated ‘Lab’ environment.

The full experience will be open to all SXSW badgeholders, Mon 16th – Wed 18th. For press and preview enquiries contact the IFL team.

Supported by: Audience of the Future, UK Research & Innovation

MORE INFO: Immersive Futures Lab

Monday, 16th March

SXSW PANEL: Swipe Right to Like: Finding Immersive Funding

Learning lessons from the modern dating playbook, this session will ask leading investors in XR whether they’ll “swipe right” on a trio of very different immersive projects from small-scale early-stage investment, to large multimillion dollar investments from the UK’s $40m Audience of the Future Demonstrator Programme.

A Tinder-style panel will quiz funders on whether they would part with cash and explain why. We’ll discover their take on three very different projects and their investment priorities to better understand what’s the trigger for a like or a pass?

This panel includes funders from across the globe from federal funders, private / public partnerships, strategic corporate venture and the innovation arms of major studios.
Featuring: Pearly Chen (HTC Corp), Andrew Chitty (UK Research & Innovation), Catherine Mathys (Canada Media Fund), Greg Reed (Universal Pictures)


Tuesday, 17th March

Wednesday, 18th March