Redefining the Animation Pipeline

At ‘Enter Yes’ we have used our many years of visual effects experience, on large scale and independent productions, to redefine the animation pipeline.

In addition to visual effects, Enter Yes has produced hours of award winning animated content. This profound understanding and experience at the core of our company, is what places the studio in a unique position to evaluate, reconsider and invest in the animation pipeline.

With this toolset, producers, directors and DOPs can step straight into their animated production to capture the action. Machine learning and realtime technology enable artists to capture performance and automatically deploy to multiple platforms, allowing for a more creative and cost-effective workflow.

Using the production ONAR as a development case study for our pipeline and toolset, Enter Yes has partnered with the Academy Award nominated and BAFTA award winning, Out of Orbit, to create the ONAR TV series. The production is supported by Future Screens NI, Northern Ireland Screen, UK games fund and NVIDIA.

Managing Director Founder & Director Group CTO Denise White Mike Koss

Kris Kelly




  • Kris Kelly, Artist / Technologist
  • Vicki Rock, Producer
  • Blayne Fitzpatrick, Supervising Generalist
  • Emmet O’Hagan, Generalist
  • Callum Luckwell, Generalist
  • Carla Albiero, Senior Artist
  • Phoebe Todd, Artist


Future Screens NI
Northern Ireland Screen
UK Games fund
Rewind Play Games




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