James Barlow


James Barlow


16 March

UK House VR Opening Event

James Barlow



Speaker Biography

James is originally from Bristol but now lives in Philadelphia, PA where he has been for 6 years, having previously lived in Boston, MA for 5 years. Originally trained as a molecular biologist, James’ career has often found him at the intersection of traditional disciplines. After 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he
then spent just over 15 years commercializing technology from tier 1 research institutions, starting at the University of Bristol then as CEO for the Scottish Institute for Enterprise before moving to the US.

Over 5 years James ran innovation and creativity programs in 38 of the states at places like MIT and Stanford while running accelerator programs for The Gates Foundation and USAID and leading entrepreneurship efforts at Tufts University.

He now leads FKB, a multidisciplinary creative house specializing in large scale art fabrication, architectural design build and experience design. Supported by DIT, FKB has recently opened up in the UK where they have worked closely with British Underground and all involved with the British Music Embassy to create both Theon’s VR animation and the Cedar Street environment.

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