HoloHub: VR Training Platform

HoloHub: VR Training Platform

Democratising access to VR training

Our pioneering HoloHub™ platform eliminates all challenges businesses face when adopting immersive technologies and allows them to unlock the full potential of VR training.

It provides companies with the tools to easily manage VR at scale, resulting in reduced time and costs of training delivery.

HoloHub™ empowers businesses to sustainably roll out VR training on a global scale, using the latest security and cloud-based technology, online or offline, reducing costs and unlocking the full potential of their investment.

The admin portal offers content and user management functions which remove the need for manual intervention, enabling clients to easily manage user access and roll out changes, decreasing the time and effort required to ensure consistent training content.

HoloHub™ allows capturing various metrics including performance, usage and learning analytics (xAPI). The report generation function facilitates assessments and helps companies to make informed business decisions.

The platform integrates seamlessly with common systems (e.g. CRM, LMS, etc.) and offers custom integrations, enabling companies to share data with existing systems and keep using the usual tools, reducing business disruption and saving time.

Managing Director

Mark Baxter


Desktop and Mobile VR for Oculus, HTC, Pico and more


  • Mark Baxter, Project and platform technical lead
  • Charles Seguin, XR Technical lead
  • Idong Usoro, Project manager
  • Nick Wilson, UX and Creative lead
  • Lina Srebrova, Human-centric design lead and business development manager
  • Stewart Kelt, Lead mobile developer


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HoloHub: VR Training Platform



Holohub™ The ultimate solution for maintaining your VR assets


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