XR Audience Centred Design – The Future of Immersive Theatre

XR Audience Centred Design – The Future of Immersive Theatre

Design Foundations


Fatherland XR unites live theatre performance with virtual reality without the need for the audience to wear a headset. Instead, audiences participate in a real-time motion capture performance that creates a virtual representation of the performance that is projected live on to a large screen.

Target Audience

Theatres and stage production designers
The immersive theatre market
Theatre goers, tourists and the tourism industry


Fatherland publicly premiered at The Old Market’s TomTech in Brighton in September 2019. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic preventing a UK tour, the agile design processes explored in Fatherland have initiated new projects in 2020.
Limbik received both a NESTA fellowship and an Arts Council England grant to create two new pieces of immersive storytelling, focussing on spatial audio and 3D sound. ‘The Garden,’ a short story with animated text and spatial audio, is currently live on BBC Taster. ‘Pangea,’ is currently in development with a team of writers, including two-time Alfred Fagon award-winning playwright Lorna French, and International Screen Award winner Gaël Le Cornec.
Limbik were also selected to participate in the Enterprise Europe Network’s Survive-Stabilise-Grow (SSG) programme.


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