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Gravity Sketch aims to address barriers to early stage design of immersive content by developing a platform for immersive 3D collaborative review and presentation.


Designing immersive content can be a lengthy and costly process, particularly where design teams have to rely on 2D representations or physical prototypes. To address this, Gravity Sketch has developed a tool to create a more user-centric design flow. The intuitive 3D design platform, ‘GSIP’, will enable cross-disciplinary teams to create, collaborate and review product designs easily and efficiently.
The GSIP platform enables designs at each stage of the design process to be brought to life without the need to rely on 2D representations or physical prototypes, and shared in VR with multiple stakeholders around the world simultaneously. The immersive environment can be created at 1:1 scale with the ability to inform all parties involved (e.g. designers, technicians and engineers) and ensure that the transition from idea to commercialisation is collaborative and smooth.

Target Audience

This innovation in product design and development can be aimed at companies developing tools and services for any sector.


Gravity Sketch’s project has received very positive feedback from the industry, with over 20 proof of concept trials underway with companies in the film, gaming, transportation, and industrial design industries. Over the course of the project Gravity Sketch have created three new highly skilled engineering jobs. And since 2019, they have been working with motor industry powerhouse Ford to create bespoke Ford workflow based on their internal objectives, goals, and future design ambitions.
Other users of Gravity Sketch’s tool are concept artists: where designers create characters or scenes for films; apparel design such as shoes and garments; and the fine arts, such as sculpting, making 3D models and casting in metals.


Dae Ho Lee


Tech – mobiles & tablets







Actual sector

Manufacturing, Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, Water supply, sewerage waste management and remediation activities, Construction, Transportation and storage, Real estate activities, Professional, scientific and technical activities

Potential sector

Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Construction, Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, Transportation and storage, Real estate activities, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Education



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