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First Responder

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The First Responder project, spearheaded by Evidential in partnership with the UK College of Policing and the National Crime Agency, aims to reduce the cost and increase the accuracy of police investigations through the use of AR headsets and 5G connectivity.


In every crime investigation there is always a ‘golden hour’ – the period immediately after an offence has been committed. But it can often take hours for forensic specialists to arrive at the scene, by which time crucial evidence has already been lost.
Evidential, one of the UK’s leading providers of expert witness services, is developing a tool which provides enhanced scene preservation during the ‘golden hour’ of an investigation. Using AR headsets, officers at the scene can be virtually guided by specialists who are hundreds of miles away to ensure time-specific evidence is recorded before it evaporates and physical evidence is preserved before it gets damaged.
As well as accelerating the chances of seizing key evidence, this also shortens follow-up investigations and increases the odds of catching perpetrators.

Target Audience

Law enforcement agencies including:
College of Policing
National Crime Agency and other crime agencies
Metropolitan Police
This cross-sectoral use of AR within the policing sector demonstrates just one of the many possible use-cases of immersive technology, and how valuable it can be outside of the creative industries.


First Responder is almost ready to launch. The initial months of the project focused on scoping the hardware available in order to best achieve the results possible, and the team at Evidential decided to use the Microsoft Hololens 2 solution as this would provide the highest accuracy scans of the crime-scene.
Currently the team is developing the core software to a prototype stage and ensuring it is device-agnostic. They are planning to start PR activity in November 2020.
UKRI’s investment in the First Responder project is matched by GC Angels.


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